Shopping around?

Ask 5x questions to see why cheap could make you one of the 40% that fail. 


Ask how busy are they? Going cheap often means conveyancers are too busy, too overworked, carry too many cases and cause too many delays. A big risk because a significant contributor to the 400,000 sales that fail yearly is delay. 


Ask How many cases does each lawyer carry? Our conveyancers purposely carry half the average to give them sufficient time to push your case to our 19 out of 20 success rate instead of the 4 in 10 failure rate nationally. 


Ask how slow are they? The national average to completion is 5 months; a big reason for 40% failing to move over 12 months (that’s two lots of 5 months and 2 months back looking for another buyer or property to buy) compared to our 2 to 3 months moving first time around.


Ask if they actively sales chase the chain with a 8-week target to complete? Only we do this with our award-winning systems. Not chasing risks you falling behind and you not moving at all.


Ask how many times they have charged double fees because they’ve failed to move clients first time around. Ours is just 5%. Theirs could be 40% as that’s the active rate nationally.  Is that the one thing you want?