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33% of sellers fail to move. We move 91%. No other firm gets close.

The Sunday Times Best UK Conveyancer, 3 years in a row

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1998 was a revolutionary year. Apple invented the iMac, we invented AVRillo Conveyancing.

Not all solicitors are the same. 48% of all sellers that failed to move over the last 5 years were blamed on solicitor delays. That's 106,000 a year. We moved a record 91% saving thousands and months of delay. If you want risk, choose someone else.

Solicitors get complaints. Months of delay, hidden costs and being left in the dark. If you want that experience choose someone else.

  • 1 Move in 2 months, not 4. We hate delays as much as you.
  • 2 24/7 live case tracking. Never be in the dark again.
  • 3 All our terms upfront. No hidden charges, no nasty surprises.
  • 4 Solicitors who actually care & won't ignore you. Our 13 awards to prove it!
  • 5 'Happy Promise.' Not happy! Don't pay us.
  • 6 Highest consumer rated conveyancing satisfaction score in the UK

We've won more awards in a year than most solicitors have won in a life time.

Our exclusive conveyancing specialism means we'll be honest and tell you as it is. This makes us the safest conveyancers in the UK (moving 91% of clients compared to 2/3rds elsewhere). The 19 awards are a just bonus for doing the right thing.

Avrillo Awards

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We are very happy with the smooth and fast service! This is the second time we have chosen AV Rillo and we are yet again very happy with their work. Everyone was lovely. I would strongly recommend AV Rillo Solicitors to anyone!

Eve Jones

Buying property around London is stressful but Farah Islam Syed and AV Rillo have been brilliant! I have been kept up to date very well and any delays were caused by the Seller's solicitor.... Farah is thorough and professional. I like the clarity of the information literature which I received…

Philippe From Harrow

For conveyancing, talk to AV Rillo. The quality of service is exceptional and excellent. Thank you for your support and professionalism. Mel Erdogan was wonderful …Stacey had time to explain all my queries about the Completion Statement/Invoice to me in friendly and very professional manner. What about the first point…

Braimah Alhassan

Move faster, move safer.

Award winning expertise & trust

Our core values


We won't hide problems that arise when moving. We'll work with you to fix them.

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Hard working

We won't give up on you when things get difficult. We'll even come in early and stay late to get the job done.

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We don’t need to advertise because clients trust us to keep referring. We'd like to show you why?

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Moving is stressful enough without lawyers adding complicated jargon. Our award winning systems allow you to do the minimum work possible, leaving our specialists to do the rest.

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The biggest complaint against solicitors is for keeping their clients (that's you!) in the dark. We've won awards for being different, with weekly updates, calls, emails and even 24/7 support.

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